Bill Colwell      
      Hunter at the Gate    

Ruralist to referalist; perceptions to projection;       Bill Colwell is interested in content... the appropriation or distribution and application of knowledge obstructed by rhetoric and the precarious advent of a knowledge economy.  Over his own timeline, he’s developed a consuming interest in flight and plans to continue flying school through spring. 

As a spin off from this, he has been developing a revolutionary new kite and for free time over the summers of almost 15 years films swallows in flight.  He has a current entry in BBC's Energy competition for ideas for the sourcing of energy and interested only in doing this in the most sapient of ways.  His company Atlantic Pictures is currently developing a time-based and interactive video series to both illustrate and extend the potential realms of a new discipline... a movement now well described as Participatory Geography. 

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Tribute to Hildegarde
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Way Back Bill Colwell Hunter at the Gate animation Tribute to Hildegarde