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Claire Rousell

My artistic practice involves a continual exploration of my relationship to natural landscapes, animals and colonial history. Since leaving South Africa in 2006, I feel I have been making work that is about my abiding relationships with South Africa and England. This has taken the form of installations and performances using materials such as leather, soil, animal bones, embroidered family linen, second hand shop paraphernalia and objects found in skips. The work is often influenced by literary images from authors such as Andre Brink, Jeanette Winterson and J. M. Coetzee.

I attended Rhodes University where I studied Drama, Journalism, Anthropology, Art History, Linguistics and History which have all feed into the work in some way. In 2009 I graduated from Sunderland University with an MA Photography. I have since been teaching photography history, theory and practice at Sunderland College.



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