Gill Lisle MAFA      

BA in fine art 1976 –The production of transient collage and ‘combines’ using drawing, cutting, tearing, gluing, paper, paint, wire, fabric and stitching  created  works that extended the boundaries of the canvas questioning  female identity and the context  and ‘framing’ of art works.
PGCE 1977- Art work  experience across local community- children’s play, mental disposition, probation service, my own family and children, social exclusion, theatre costume, film set, business, bereavement, higher and further education extended philosophy and practise. Life is Art and Art is Life.

Current working concerns follow MAFA 2005 installation work ‘All the world’s a stage looking for life’s beauty in its pleasures and its pains.’ Centring on extremes of emotion, a personal, intuitive approach offers interpretations of ‘feminine ‘ beauty and decorative female space exploring  gaps between female domestic context and romantic aspiration, crossing boundaries of fantasy and reality. Media applications include photography, video, styling and making, using the reclamation of found objects and materials to reflect fragments of home life. Transience and innuendo participate to create a variation of ‘mis en scene ‘of female space. Work in progress involves the acquisition of new techniques and the progression of these themes.         


Pink frock
All the Worlds a Stage installation detail
All the Worlds a Stage video still
jacketmoi All the Worlds A Stage installation