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Founder member of Armstrong studio Trust.  Qualified and worked as a cartographic draughtsman and in photographic processes before formally training in fine art as a sculptor.  Developing an understanding of drawing and its practice has been central to this process.  Teaching drawing through independent life class and adult education developed both theory and practice.  Early sculpture was figuratively based and usually carved using wood or stone in both relief and 3-dimensional form.  Until recently worked to commission with a considerable number of private clients making both sculptural and designed works.
Latterly returning to abstract form making by developing processes of combining materials and using casting methods especially in pigmented stuccos to construct sculpture.  Drawing processes are being taken into printmaking.

Currently working towards an exhibition of new work in a variety of materials to include works on paper combining printmaking and drawing.
Double Light
Seeded Column
Divided Wall


Where We Are Now Double Light Seeded Column Divided Wall