Rachel Magdeburg

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My visual arts practice is predominantly painting, although I do use other media. I am interested in the language of painting, formally and conceptually, the relationship between words and images, and how popular culture, consumer products and advertising relate and also jar with so-called 'high' art. My paints are usually from hardware stores, such as enamel, gloss and spray paints. I am interested in the process of making a painting, technique, the errors, mistakes and mishaps allow me to consider the roles of chance, rework and failure in my practice. I use pure paint as a medium in itself, sometimes collaged on top of a support and sometimes without a support. The paint has been poured onto one surface, dried and then peeled off, and applied to another, more recently wood. These brush-less, poured paint pieces are usually in the form of a drip, drop/spot or dribble and splash, and are arranged on a support in a pattern.


Drips and Drops
Object Stapler
Mouse Staple Drips and Drops Black White Black