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Tim Jago is currently creating content for new graphic novels, the latest being a collection of poems and carefully chosen drawings called ‘The Fluttering Whim’.  Through writing and drawing he explores our emotional intelligence.

Often his works are positively charged and optimistic. He believes there are many discoveries to be made in the world and one should always have curiosity to want to understand them.

In 2008 He completed a Masters Degree in Glass at Sunderland University. This has helped him hone the quality and professionalism of his practice. Enabling him to accept commissions for mural painting and sculptural pieces. He has one standing public artwork at The Egypt Cottage, Newcastle upon Tyne.  He is also working on concepts for future exhibitions.
In the warmer months of the year he will embark on hosting creative workshops for young people.

Playful Space Our Way
Journey of the Glass Blower
The Colour Your Hands Can Sow


As You Look The Other Way The Colours Your Hands Can Sow